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Slide - Traditional and Contemporary Irish Music
The Irish Times calls SLIDE “traditional musicians with attitude" and credits the group with “bringing drawing room grandeur and high spirits together” with it’s diverse songs, which range from soulful and sorrowful to contagiously energetic. Folk Roots Magazine proclaims, ”There’s plenty of action and flamboyance in Slides’s music,” which merges “swagger with traditional expertise.”

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Have you ever wanted to play traditional Irish music like a pro? Build your confidence through detailed tutorials with the finest traditional musicians in Ireland.

Here at TIM we strive to provide the most comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience on the web. With a long history of teaching credentials and professional performance, all our tutors are perfectly placed to deliver the most insightful tutorials available online.

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Traditional Irish music lives, and it is constantly further developing itself, it is rediscovered again and again, and it is always enlivened with fresh new elements, it is moreover, immensely popular. Midnight Court exemplifies this synthesis. Aaron Shirlow, Bernd Lüdtke and Noel Minogue have, through their different origins, individual musical experiences and merits, moulded a progressive, innovative, musical unit.

Midnight Court stand for a powerful, brilliant sound, with a fresh original performance, a dynamic “Live-Act” in a special-class of its own.

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